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Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

Insurance Coverage

Please check with your insurance company to see if you have massage benefits.

Aetna Foreign Service Benefit Plan offer great massage benefits.

Some Blue Cross Plans offer massage benefits.

Insurance Coverage

Car accidents generally involve soft tissue injuries. These can be Whiplash related or from the impact of the other car. Depending on the direction of the impact. The treatment time can be a few sessions to a few months of sessions. The timing is generally two to three times per week at the beginning and then lengthening out to weekly as you make progress in your healing.

We will schedule an intake appointment that includes collecting information about your open insurance claim. A prescription from your doctor for massage/bodywork with the diagnostic codes should be requested before your visit. These codes are ICD10.

Your payments can be deferred, meaning you don't pay us directly. The insurance company will be billed when your treatments are complete. The cost of a session of this type is $200.00.

Workers Compensation

Massage is generally covered in a workers compensation injury claim. Ask at the time of filling and get a prescription for massage or bodywork with the length and frequency of sessions. This needs to have the ICD10 diagnostic codes.

We will file directly for payment.