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Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

Massage Options

Spa Massage combines light pressure with long gliding strokes. This type of massage is designed with relaxation in mind, perfect choice for pampering or when you just need to remind your body what calm feels like. This is a full body massage, all areas receive balanced attention.

$140.00.... 50 minutes

Therapeutic Massage is a combination massage. May include long gentle strokes, deeper glides, sinking deep pressure work to address aches and pains, scented oils and lotions, and some gentle stretching and movement to bring balance. This is full body massage with the option of 10 - 15 minutes of focus on a particularly tense or painful area.

$140.00....50 minutes 

Deep tisssue Massage is a very focused option with the intention of initiating deep soft tissue changes which create structural balance. If you are in chronic pain or recovering from surgery or injury, this is the type of massage you need. The therapist will structure the session to best address your specific needs. The work will include gradual deepening of pressure to sink into and respond to tissue changes with the intention of releasing adhesions and breaking up scar tissue. The therapist will work with you within your pain threshold, (this is the place where you are in pain but are able to breathe and accept the changes). This is not a full body option. You may schedule a 30 minute sesssion following to soothe and balance out the body.

$140.00... 50 minutes

(sessions with carol Austin and Sandra Thomas ask for pricing)

Sports Massage can be pre or post event as part of your training schedule. This type of massage is designed to support your body no matter what your sport. There will be specific stretches, light flushing strokes, and deeper strokes to address pain or dysfunction. Designed to help you achieve maximum physical results, reduce down time, and increase healing time post injury. Generally not a full body option.

$160.00…50 minutes

Pregnancy Massage supports the mother to be. Pain relief, relaxation, deeper work to help ease the stress on joints as baby grows, reduces ankle swelling and makes you just feel human again. Full body massage. There are 2 approaches to best meet your needs. Please discuss with your therapist whether you require complete relaxation, or are in need of deeper more focused work.

$160.00... 50 minutes      (session with carol $180.00)

Hot Stone Massage this very indulgent treatment combines warm aromatic oils and basalt stones of varying sizes which have been warmed to the optimal temperature. The stones are moved over your oiled skin in gliding motions, the layering of heat and the pressure of the stones just melts tention away. This session is deeper than it may appear. The weight of the stones and the heat actually bring this into the therapeutic or deep tissue category. This can be full body, although most clients request focused attention on the back and legs.

$125.00.... 50 minutes         $187.50... 80 minutes

Ultimate FootMassage a warm moist towel is applied to the feet to cleanse and open the pores. A mask is then applied to soften the skin, this is followed by a yummy foot massage with aromatic oils & lotions.

$55.00.... 30 minutes

Couples Massage allows you to share your time at SANCTUS indulging in a relaxing massage. This massage option is considered Therapeutic which accommodates one or both of you having a little focus work on neck or shoulders for example, focus can be wherever you hold your tension. This experience can be combined with wraps or facials to make this a memorable experience. Can be in separate rooms or side by side tables.

$250.00....50 minutes of Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, or Spa massage.

CranioSacral/Biodynamic Craniosacral

This is an energy modality, loose clothing is worn. This is a deceptively deep option for those who are looking to recover from any type of trauma or any stress related issues. There are specific hand placements which help your system recognize dysfunctional patterns and introduces options for change. Great option for an alternative to swedish - very relaxing. Also great for preparing your pelvis for giving birth.

$140.00…50 minutes          ( Sessions with Carol Austin see Specialized Bodywork )

Restorative touch

This is a different approach to bodywork combining modalities. You will be draped over supportive bolsters, light to deep pressure will be used in areas of holding, aromatherapy oils will be used to energize or calm your system. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy will be introduces. Gentle stretching will assist in the release of stored tension. This approach offers an opportunity to deepen your awareness of your body and the holding patterns deep in your muscles and connective tissues. 

$180.00....80 minutes (This is offered by Jessica and carol)