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Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

New Clients


Your first visit to SANCTUS will start with filling out paperwork. We will then spend time doing a thorough intake and a physical evaluation. All of this information will enable us to write up a treatment plan to address any concerns or injuries that you may be experiencing.

If having a traditional massage which involves removing your clothing is just too uncomfortable for any reason, please tell the person you are scheduling with as we have clothing-on types of bodywork available.

Our primary goal is to meet your needs. If your needs are for completely hands off bodywork we have a therapist who can work this way with you. If you need to sit up or only lie in one position and be propped up with pillows we can do this. If removing your clothing is uncomfortable we have therapists and bodywork options to meet these needs. Surprisingly even hot rocks can be used with clothing on. Essentially what this means is please do not hesitate to ask us to adapt to your needs.

Please note that if your intention is a spa treatment or something just for relaxation you need only provide basic critical info.

Let us encourage you to print out and fill our registration and information paperwork before coming for your visit. This will save time for everyone!

Please note that our paperwork takes an average of 15 mins to complete.

Our intake forms are thorough because we provide bodywork that is thorough. Please be patient and as specific as possible to avoid any surprises during your session.


Form.doc (DOC

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