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Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

Carol Syvret Austin

I offer Trauma Resolution Bodywork. I provide a regulated and aligned system combined with a safe nurturing space where you can visit and do pieces of your own work. This type of work is in my office or as distance work offered in the form of a telephone call, FaceTime or Skype. My training is with Brigit Viksnins in Alchemical Alignment. I am currently a teaching assistant in her professional training workshops.

I have been working with the Connective Tissue Matrix for 20 years and recently added Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy training (2.5 year training program) This is considered an energy modality. Very gentle, great tools if you are ready to deepen your connection to your body. When I combine these skills with the Trauma Resolution there are no boundaries to the amazing depth of healing available to you.

I have been in full time private practice for 20 years. I am a bodyworker, meaning that I do not provide actual massage, rather I combine all of my years of training and skills to assist your body in restoring mobility. 

You will be fully clothed so I ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing. My intention is to evaluate your joints, muscles, and connective tissue membranes to establish possible causes of restricted motion patterns and use my skills and knowledge to restore mobility into the joints and length into soft tissues.

I love working with infants, children and teens. I offer bodywork throughout your pregnancy. I am available for pre pregnancy sessions to get your body in tip top shape for pregnancy. These sessions can be Craniosacral or may include more traditional methods of bodywork or massage. If you just want to relax then we have 3 other therapists who offer that type of pregnancy massage.

My work with infants with Torticollis has been beautiful to watch, they regain mobility very quickly. I am working with teens who were adopted and are having some issues.

Helping your system learn to self regulate is why I am offering this work and why I strive to educate myself about new and better ways to assist you. I love my work and enjoy the time I get to spend helping others achieve their self care goals.

I am happy to chat more with you about your needs and whether my skills and knowledge are likely to be helpful. Please call me directly at (703) 966-5526

Sessions with me are 60 minutes in length and $160.00

Extended time is available and can be useful in deepening the experience.