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Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

Spa Options

Facial Massage and hydration treatment

$125.00....50 minutes

Salt Glo Exfoliation is a full body exfoliation using sea salt combined with aromatic oils. This treatment is designed to remove surface dead skin cells and enable your oils and lotions to penetrate and nourish your skin. Product is removed with warm moist towels.

$65.00....30 minutes

Bodylicious is a seasonal cellular rejuvenation. This odyssey begins with infrared heat therapy, where the warmth will penetrate deep into the tissues, opening the pores and initiating the detoxification process. This is followed with a full body salt exfoliation, this will slough off dead skin cells and increase the blood circulation. Your skin is then treated to nutrient rich oils and lotions, which are massaged into your skin. Your body will be nourished & hydrated and have a healthy glow. During this phase Hot Basalt Stones will be strategically placed to deepen your relaxation experience. 

$200.00....120 minutes

Body Wraps this is a very nurturing relaxing, not to be missed experience. You will be enveloped in a cocoon of warmth as the products detoxify, soften and nourish your skin. The product is removed with hot moist towels. All wraps are followed by an application of emollient rich lotion which is massaged into your skin.


Mud - detoxifying & hydratingSeaweed - detoxifyingHydrating - is not removed, it is massaged into skin.Aromatherapy - hydrating

$90.00....50 minutes

Infrared Sauna Wrap is a detoxification treatment, designed to increase blood circulation. You will be in a sauna blanket and the temperature will be adjusted to your comfort level with the aim of making you sweat. Bring fresh underware if you feel more comfortable wearing underware during wrap. (Sauna wraps can be combined with an invigorating or relaxing massage).

$40.00.....30 minutes

Add On Treatments:

Paraffin Hand Or Foot - Clean hands or feet will be dipped in warm paraffin, covered in plastic & wrapped in warm mitts or booties. This is a re-hydrating treatment.

$10.00....hands or feet


Face Treatment - Cleansing, & exfoliation, followed by a calming facial massage.

$55.00.... 30 minutes