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Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

Carol was and is amazing in her ability to identify and effectively treat the sources of pain in my back, shoulders, neck and jaw. I wish I had known about her years ago so that I would have been relatively pain-free much sooner and saved considerable expense for ineffective treatment by less capable practitioners.

- Raquel B.

Carol did more in a single one hour session to relieve my chronic pain than ten years of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage. One half hour working on my foot post surgery dramatically decreased swelling and increased mobility. It was amazing. she is amazing.

- Alicia S.

Plain and simple, Carol has made my life better! I am healthier, more physically active, and more pain free than I would have imagined. For 11 years she has kept me healthy, kept me on the court and fields, and helped me keep living life. Carol has worked with me and for my health through multiple sports and life related injuries, and made it possible fore me to live the active life on my terms. She is incredible in her ability to listen, ask probing questions, and use her huge toolbox of massage techniques to target (and always improve) chronic trouble spots, pain areas, and knotted and sore muscles. Carol has contributed so much to a healthy lifestyle that I can never thank her enough. I cannot imagine the condition of my body and mind without her expertise and help!

- Bruce W.

Sanctus is amazing. Got a mini-facial there today and it was my first time there. As soon as you go in the atmosphere is very soothing with the right music and atmosphere. Sandy did my facial and did an awesome job. It was very very relaxing and my face has finally calmed down after many weeks of incredibly dry and sensative skin! Hope to make this a regular part of my routine :).

- Strik N.

Carol adressed a serious problem with my leg in several sessions that regular massage was unable to help. She has a deep understanding of anatomy and function of the body. Her studio is a calm and welcoming environment that is easily accessible off of I95 in a small office park. it is shared by other therapists with their own rooms who offer different types of services such as body wraps and neurofeedback. I recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

- Anne T.

In search of relief from a nagging pain in my shoulder, I searched in woodbridge, VA and found Sanctus Therapeutic Massage. I knew I was in the right place when I walked through the door into a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. While sitting on the comfortable lounge I looked around and noticed that a lot of TLC went into making my visit one to remember. Not only did I receive the best massage ever, that releived my pain, but I also found a new friend and good conversation. I have recommended Sanctus to my family and continue to enjoy my visits, which I now consider one of my treats to myself...Thank you Sandy for the special care you show me.

-Edna R.

I visited Carol at Sanctus for prenatal massages throughout my pregnancy, and I am convinced that she is the reason I didn't experience the low back pain/hip pain I had with my first pregnancy. Carol is a rare, gifted massage therapist. She is incredibly knowledgable and professional. Her care and concern for her clients is evident in every visit. She went out of her way (repeatedly) to help me. Right after I delivered my baby, I had horrible neck spasms and couldn't move. She even came to my house for a massage appointment so that I would not have to take my newborn out in public. I cannot say enough good things about Carol. I have referred her to anyone and everyone who tells me that they are experiencing muscle pain. There is no reason to suffer...just go see Carol!

-Rebecca H.

My wife visits Sanctus (sandy) on a monthly basis for massage and loves it. She noticed a brochure regarding Connective Tissue Massage, so while she was at her appointment she spoke to carol about my situation. I suffer from chronic nerve pain due to pinched nerves in my spinal column from a rock climbing accident about 2 years ago. My wife gave me 4 sessions as a christmas present. I was hesitant as I have tried many different things (accupuncture, massage, medicine, creams) to cope with the pain and the lack of motion. Carol said I can't promise pain relief but I can give you much more range of motion. Connective tissue massage is painful. you will learn about muscles you never knew you had. When I was done with my first session, I got up from the table and I could walk much more upright and without the limp I'd had for a long time. The massage Carol provides is like nothing else. She explains everything she is doing, why she is doing it and has answered all my questions. She invited my wife to our sessions so she could learn how to keep me limber between appointments. I am very thankful for my wife pushing me to try this and for Carol's understanding of the human body. I am no longer one of those guys who thinks massage is mumbo-jumbo, carol is awesome(and so is my wife)!

- Michael H.

My husband and I have been going to Carol For deep-tissue and connective-tissue massage for about 15 years. She is one of the main reasons we aging athletes can continue to participate in the activities we love, including running, cycling, and swimming. I have never found a therapist to match Carol. Her ability to find what body part is not working properly and fix it is uncanny. She is always taking classes to learn about new techniques, but I think she has skills that can't be taught. I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for a truly effective - not necessarily relaxing - sports massage. Carol and other Sanctus therapists do offer a variety of massages and other services, but the connective-tissue massage is what works best for me.

- Beverley B.

Carol, thanks so much for your craniosacral massage therapy. It took a while to "sink in" but my migrain became less severe, and I've noticed many positive effects over the following 1-4 days, including better body awareness of symmetry/asymmetry; easier Birkram yoga practice.

Emily L.

When I started with Carol over 3 years ago, I had been pushing weights for several years. I remember the first session when she told me my muscles were like concrete. And not in a good way. I had virtually no movement in my joints and muscles. I had been lifting and had not considered massage therapy.

Carol has worked with me now for quite some time and the difference in my body's ability to develop and grow under her care is phenomenal. Regular treatments with Carol have become an essential part of my fitness routine, just as important as the working out itself. The nature of what I do causes tissue tears and locked up joints, it's just a fact. With Carol, I can always be guaranteed restoration of movement and repair of tissues. Her area of expertise is highly specialized and she excels. As long as I do what I'm doing, regular treatments will always be part of my routine.

-Dan M.