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The professional therapists at SANCTUS are trained in the latest modalities, and continually train in our associations to gain new skills and knowledge. Our aim is to provide you with the type of treatment best suited to your needs, and have your whole experience from arrival to departure be more than you expected. We are striving to meet your needs today and form a therapeutic relationship to meet your need in the future. 

The word Sanctus is Latin for holy. 

We wanted to create a Sanctuary, a holy or more specifically a sacred place, a place offering safety and healing.

We try to minimize anything in the environment that will disturb the flow of your session. There is an area where you can put your feet up and have some water or herbal tea, before between or after your session. So let your journey into the realm of relaxation and wellness begin.

Specialized Bodywork by

Carol Syvret Austin

Bodywork is the new kid on the block. Although bodywork has always existed alongside massage, the word isn’t as well known. Massage is an approach that directly connects with and, using oils and lotions, manually works through the layers from the skin, deep into the muscles. With bodywork our Intention is to restore mobility to your joints and relieve the restrictions that are shortening or pulling on the muscles. We do this by breaking up scar tissue and re-hydrating the connective tissues. I was taught that changing the surface tension by adding a layer of oil or lotion prevents us from accessing or “hooking” into this connective tissue matrix. Meaning that massage techniques don’t reach this level of the tissue.
Connective tissue is the binding and wrappings of all the muscles, organs, and joints. It is the support structure for the entire body. Connective tissue is a liquid matrix. Repetitive strain, trauma, injury or surgery cause dehydration, micro tears, scars or rotational patterns in our connective tissue. All of these cause dysfunction. Dysfunction looks like tight muscles, pain, stiff achy joints, inability to walk barefoot, can’t bend down to lift my grandkids, can’t kneel on the floor with my kids because my knees hurt, can’t carry my golf clubs because my feet hurt. 


Carol Syvret Austin graduated from Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in 1998. She has been in private practice in Virginia since her graduation. Carol primarily works with clients who are in chronic pain, post surgery rehab, or post injury rehab. All of her post graduate training is related to deepening her knowledge of the body and updating her skills.

Carol is also our pregnancy massage provider, she is eager to support the expectant mom all the way through her pregnancy. Some pregnancies are uncomfortable but generally rest and an ocassional full body massage are enough. However more and more women are working full time and have other children to care for, these pregnancies are often in the high risk category or their bodies are simply not adjusting well at all. In these cases what is called for is deep tissue massage which will help the soft tissue adjust to the structural changes of pregnancy.

Carol is very comfortable in her skills and training to meet these extraordinary needs, and often works in partnership with a chiropractor or osteopath to provide the optimal outcome of a comfortable pregnancy and healthy baby,( and will provide labor assistance if needed). Children as young as 1 month have been treated by Carol, for various reasons. Our children today are under more stress & participate in more and varied sporting activities. Carol has an advanced diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which was 300 hours of training. Carol has completed training in Upledger Cranial I and cranial II. she is very exited about the possibilities for integrating this new softer modality into her work.

Sessions with Carol are different from the standard massage options. There is no one else in the area offering such an integrated out of the box approach to soft tissue massage. Clients are amazed at the results of her work it is unlike anything they have received in any of the options available to the public, (chiropractic, physical therapy, sports massage).

New Clients

Your first visit to SANCTUS will start with an intake form, then we will spend time doing a thorough intake and a physical evaluation. All of this information will enable us to write up a treatment plan to address any concerns or injuries that you may be experiencing.

Our primary goal is to meet your needs. If your needs are for completely hands off bodywork we have a therapist who can work this way with you. If you need to sit up or only lie in one position and be propped up with pillows we can do this.  

Featured Modalities

Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

To re-connect the mind to the body

Connective Tissue Bodywork 

To break up restricted connective tissue.

Alchemical Alignment

for trauma resolution

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